• New Feature – Beta Outlook Plugin

    Ask and ye shall receive! We are really excited to announce the Beta release of our #1 asked for feature, the Outlook plug-in! Here at karma, we are continuously working to make your customer relations more convenient, and with our new Beta Outlook integration you are one step closer to spending more time with your clients and less on the computer.

    What does this plugin do?

    The Beta Outlook Plugin allows emails, tasks, events, and contacts to sync between karma and Outlook.

    So, are you ready to take over the customer service world? You’re just a few clicks away from making it happen!… Continue Reading

  • New Feature – MailChimp Integration

    Anyone sending out email campaigns knows the importance of keeping your lists up to date, and measuring them properly. We have listened to our users and are proud to announce one of our most requested integrations: MailChimp! Now you can merge the benefits of managing your contacts in karmaCRM with the email campaign powers of MailChimp.

    Getting Setup

    The integration is easy as pie! From your karma dashboard:

    Click on Setting
    Click Integrations
    Click Install next to MailChimp
    When redirected, log into your existing MailChimp account

    That’s it, you are connected!

    Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.08.39 AM

    Sending Contacts to MailChimp

    Select the contacts you wish to email
    Select the Send to MailChimp from the Bulk Update Menu
    Select the MailChimp Mailing List desired

    Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.08.39 AM

    It will take a few minutes for your contacts to get into MailChimp.… Continue Reading

  • State of karmaCRM: October

    We’ve been quite busy in October, focused on overhauling our mobile presence. As mobile usage, phone screen sizes and time away from home increases, it’s increasingly important to have your business in your pocket.

    Mobile Mobile Mobile

    We plan on releasing two entirely new mobile apps for IOS and Android in November (replacing our existing IOS App). These new apps will be updated frequently, and we won’t stop until we’re able to offer your a streamlined experience for karmaCRM wherever you are.

    These new apps include contacts, companies, notes, todos, deals and events. Once released, we’re going to be aggressively using the apps ourselves and gathering feedback on how we can improve.… Continue Reading

  • Android App Coming Soon!

    We’re excited to announce that our karmaCRM Android mobile app is almost ready! Here at karmaCRM, we fully understand that CRM is quite incomplete without a strong mobile counterpart. We’re going to be spending a lot of time honing and refining our mobile presence, and we need your help!

    Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.08.39 AM

    The Android App is one of our number one requests (for good reason) and we’re committed to bringing the best of karmaCRM to your pocket!

    Calling All Beta Testers!

    We need your help to make the app the best it can be. If you’re interested in helping Beta test, reach out to our support team and we’ll get you set up.… Continue Reading