• Meet Kimi Gray!

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    This week, we’re thrilled to feature another one of our Support Team members, Kimi Gray. Hailing from Westland, Michigan (about a half hour west of Detroit by car), Kimi also serves as a Project Manager at karmaCRM and is responsible for checking in on everyone to ensure all of our projects are being completed in a timely manner.

    Kimi completed her education at the University of Michigan (go Wolverines!), where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. Before coming on board with karmaCRM, Kimi was a Store Manager in Training for Blockbuster. In her free time, she enjoys watching zombie flicks, quilting, teaching sign language to babies, rescuing pitbulls (she has five dogs and one cat), and chasing her grandson, Cody, around the house.… Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Apps for karmaCRM, Pt. 2

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    Part 2 of 2

    In continuation of our Top 10 Apps for karmaCRM blog post last week, below you’ll find the remaining five applications to round out our Top 10 list!


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    Visit Clicky’s website and one of the first things you’ll see is “Real Time Web Analytics” – and that’s exactly what you get. Clicky allows you to easily view all of the actions that all of the users take on your website, and you’re also able to pull report on individual actions as well as more general reports. With features like on-site analytics, heatmaps, and uptime monitoring (among many others), you’re able to get a birds-eye view on what your site visitors are up to when they head your way.… Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Apps for karmaCRM

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    Part 1 of 2

    In the spirit of recognizing the apps that have helped our company grow and get it to where it is today, we would like to present to you our Top 10 Apps list!

    Here they are, in no particular order:


    Mixpanel New

    Launching in July of 2009 and based out of San Francisco, Mixpanel offers an array of data and analytics tracking tools that are both easy to use and quick to set up. By simply using lines of code that are provided to a company’s developers (essentially, it is a repository of statistic tracking functions), the company is then able to gain a deep insight into their customers’ – and potential customers’ – actions.… Continue Reading

  • Features: A Common CRM Misconception

    Ask any business person familiar with CRMs – or, even better, one who actually uses a CRM on a daily basis – to give you their opinion on it, and chances are relatively high that they will either go on and on about it, praising it effusively, or that they will immediately spout off a diatribe covering all of its misgivings. Why are users so passionate in their evaluations of their Customer Relationship Management systems?

    The answer is pretty straightforward: because, where it is utilized, a CRM is such an integral part of business operations. It is essentially the business’s backbone, the glue that keeps its internal processes flowing.… Continue Reading