• Lessons Learned from Our Recent Server Migration

    What We Accomplished, What Went Wrong, and How We Learned from the Experience

    Hello, my name is John-Paul Narowski and I am the founder of karmaCRM. I wanted to first and foremost thank you for using our product, and for continually helping us to make it better and better.

    As many or most of you know, our company recently migrated its servers to a platform that would ultimately provide you with increased security, improved scalability, and reduced downtime during updates (among other benefits). For the last few months, we were very eager to make the transition to our new servers, and as the date and time approached, the excitement was truly palpable.… Continue Reading

  • Server Migration Update #2

    This is an update regarding our server migration which took place last night (Thursday, April 3rd, from 9pm to 1am Eastern Time [US]).  The migration is still underway, and although data might appear to be missing, it is safe and in the process of being restored as we speak.

    We wanted to keep you in the loop and informed on the latest information pertaining to the migration so that you are up-to-date on where we stand currently.

    Below, please find some of the more frequently asked questions we have been receiving concerning the server migration, along with answers from our Founder, our developers, and our Support Team.… Continue Reading

  • Server Migration Update


    We are thrilled to announce that on April 3rd, we will be migrating our servers to a much more robust and scalable platform. These new servers will bring added scalability, redundancy, and security to our platform.


    NEW DATE: Thursday, April 3, 2014, from 9pm to 1am Eastern Time (US). There will be a 4-hour downtime window to allow for testing to ensure all systems are running properly.

    How It Affects You

    The migration will be seamless, and nothing is required on your part. During the migration, there will be downtime from 9pm to 1am (Eastern Time [US]) on Thursday, April 3rd.… Continue Reading

  • User System Updates

    Karma is pleased to announce some great new changes we have recently implemented in order to provide our users with an improved and more stable experience. We have listened intently to your suggestions and recommendations, and we’ve put control of users’ passwords and settings back in the hands of administrators! Below you’ll find a breakdown of the changes we’ve made to karma.

    Login As

    We now have a brand new feature that lets administrators login to karma as someone from their organization! This will make it much easier for karma administrators to set up and configure new users by letting them actually log in to karma as that user.… Continue Reading