November 18, 2015

How to Find 200 Targeted Email Addresses for Free

BY Brandon IN Cold Emailing, CRM Software, Prospecting, Sales

If you’re beginning a cold email campaign, then guess what…you need emails! Luckily, we’ve developed a method for obtaining up to 200 emails per month for free. What you’ll need Linkedin Email Hunter (Including Chrome Extension) karmaCRM (Including Chrome Extension) The Process The process is simple and can be completed in just three steps. Step 1. Find your target on LinkedIn The first thing you’ll need to do is find the people you want to make contact with. If you know your target, then you can simply search for their name. If you’re prospecting for cold email outreach, then you … Continue reading How to Find 200 Targeted Email Addresses for Free

November 12, 2015

How to send cold emails your prospects will love (Template Included)

BY Brandon IN Cold Emailing, Prospecting, Sales, Sales Learning

Fact #1: People do not hate cold emails or cold calls. No… Seriously. Cold calls and cold emails can be great… if you are contacting prospects with a way to solve a problem that they are actually having. I recently received the following email from one of the newest lead generation platforms (see Hi, We’re both in the startup environment, so I thought it would be great to reach you with this cold email and see what happens. What may actually happen: You stop reading now. Then… Bye and have a great day/week/whatever 😉 I caught your attention for … Continue reading How to send cold emails your prospects will love (Template Included)

September 29, 2015

Addressing our Recent Issues Head On

BY John Paul Narowski IN Company

As many of you have become aware, karmaCRM’s contact functionality has been having a number of issues the past few days. Stability has always been a point of emphasis with karmaCRM and we have always taken the necessary precautions when releasing updates to karmaCRM. This commitment to excellence only makes our failure this past week even more painful. Unfortunately we released an update that included a bug that our quality assurance process did not catch. This is simply unacceptable. To ensure these kinds of failures are a thing of the past, we have doubled down on our commitment to releasing a … Continue reading Addressing our Recent Issues Head On

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