May 4, 2016

The One Thing Everyone Gets Wrong about CRM

BY John Paul Narowski IN Sales

What Everyone Gets Wrong About CRM

I’m about to say the unthinkable – that a primitive, cell-toting spreadsheet can be just as effective as any million-dollar-a-month CRM. “WHAT?” you say? “Aren’t you the founder of a CRM company? Blasphemy!“ It really doesn’t matter if you use a spreadsheet, a Rolodex, or a complex CRM; without the right strategy, you won’t make it far. It’s the development of this overall strategy that most people miss. If you rush this journey by jump right into picking a CRM, you’ll end up with a lack of clarity that usually spirals into angry salespeople, unused products, and general chaos in … Continue reading The One Thing Everyone Gets Wrong about CRM

February 23, 2016

New Feature – Announcing Buckets!

BY John Paul Narowski IN Company

2016 is the year of selling through relationships. KarmaCRM has decided to focus on making our CRM software less about high volume transactions and more about high value relationships. This bucket feature is the first of many that will help you maintain richer relationships, better leverage your existing network, and more easily identify the places to add value. What are Buckets? Buckets are a simple way to organize your CRM to make it easy (and automated) to followup with your contacts. By creating a bucket and giving it a followup date, when that date is hit karmaCRM will automatically notify … Continue reading New Feature – Announcing Buckets!

February 5, 2016

How to Start Meaningful, Professional Relationships in a Room Full of 500 People

BY Brandon IN CRM Software, General, Networking, Referrals

How to start meaningful professional relationships in a room full of 500 people

We’ve all been there. Stuck in a room of 500 other professionals going from circle to circle, attempting to forge the beginnings of a meaningful relationship out of a business card and a cocktail. For many, these events only end with dozens of business cards to which you could hardly match the name with the face of its owner. I know this struggle. I was the epitome of this struggle. That is, until I stopped networking, and started actually building REAL relationships. The amazing crew at DC Nightowls holds co-working events at local DC co-working spaces every couple weeks, which are … Continue reading How to Start Meaningful, Professional Relationships in a Room Full of 500 People

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