Our Story

How KarmaCRM Was Born

It was a dark and CRMless night, and John Paul Narowski was another VP of sales, about to throw in the towel on the CRM search. He had tried crm after crm yet the sales team kept resorting to sticky notes and excel spreadsheets. He decided the only solution was to forego another weekend of bar trivia, and invest his time building an internal CRM for him and his team.

By Monday, version zero.point.one of karmaCRM was launched. A few days after that… his sales team tried it and loved it! Since then, karmaCRM has grown largely through the awesome feedback of our customers, and some of the incredible people on our team!

Needless to say, we deeply believe in using our own product.

How KarmaCRM is Different

We built karmaCRM fully knowing that we didn’t care for the rigidity of enterprise selling. We had modest sales needs and contacts who we wanted to build stronger relationships with. KarmaCRM emphasizes the “R” in CRM and is designed to put these interactions front and center, so you can focus on building and strengthening them in real life. More face-to-face time and less data entry. The core of karmaCRM is simple, anti-enterprise salesy, and designed to simply bring all of your data into one place.

We’ll stay true to simplicity at our core regardless of how large we grow.

John Paul Narowski

John Paul Narowski

Founder & CEO karmaCRM

Our Core Values

Deliver Bar-Raising Customer Service

Cultivate Personalized Relationships

Learn Constantly and Strive for Expertise

Be a Human, Not a Robot

Listen & Maintain an Open Mind

Integrate Play with Work

Meet the Leadership Team

John-Paul Narowski

John-Paul Narowski
CEO / Founder

John-Paul is fast-paced, focused and doesn’t accept sub-par. He’s passionate about helping small businesses compete through the effective fusion of technology, design, and customer feedback. When he’s not knee-deep in code, you can find him on the ski slopes, exploring nature, or cooking.

Shirley Robinson

Shirley Robinson
Customer Advocate

Shirley is dedicated to making the tedious task of finding and using a CRM into the best possible experience for all. She thrives on finding solutions for complicated problems while developing close relationships with our users. When she isn’t answering your tickets or phone calls, Shirley can be found with her nose in a book, enjoying her family, or taking road trips.

Cece Kustritz
Sales & Business Development

Always eager to help, Cece’s main goal is to provide service to anyone interested in our CRM, rather than the pushy sales strategies of the past. When she’s not answering customer questions or demonstrating karma’s capabilities, you can find her exploring the woods of Minnesota, playing with her dogs, or drawing.

Jovan Miljevic
Growth & Marketing

Looking to provide all karmaCRM and karmaSpeaker users with a great experience, Jovan is dedicated to adding value to the karma brand and helping our company grow. An explorer by nature, he is passionate about communication, mountain biking and trail running, and when he’s not at work, you can find him out in nature or traveling abroad.

Khulani Malone
Product Architect

Undaunted by new challenges, Khulani finds nothing more rewarding than programming new features and resolving issues for our customers. When he’s not lost in the world of programming, he’s contemplating the meaning of life or continuing work on his house.

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