September 9, 2016

Tips for Hiring Your First Employee and Growing Your Team

BY John Paul Narowski IN Small Business, Small Business Learning

Growing Your Team

The early stages of growth in a company can feel a lot like riding a bike blind – you’re going fast, need help steering, and might faceplant into a pole at any point. Going from a solo operation to a team is infinitely more complex than going from 100 to 101. Hiring slouches early on is downright ruinous, while getting it right … (singing) the clouds part as light pours onto your paper-steeped desk. Your first new hire is an integral “can’t-live-without” cog in your growth machine, your #2. (The same goes for #3 and #4.) Your very sanity depends … Continue reading Tips for Hiring Your First Employee and Growing Your Team

September 8, 2016

Why “Ease of Use” is the Most Important Feature of CRM Software

BY Caitlin Delohery IN CRM Software

Rubber Ducks

What are the most important features of your CRM? You’re probably thinking customizable contact fields, analytics, or being able to email from right inside your contact screen. But you’d be wrong. The single most important feature of your CRM is ease of use. A little over 70% of senior executives would trade functionality for ease of use. Too many features can be overwhelming. We may think we need the app with all the bells and whistles, but when we look practically at how we use our software, extra features can really get in the way. Muck up the works. Ease … Continue reading Why “Ease of Use” is the Most Important Feature of CRM Software

August 29, 2016

Featured Customer: PCDNetwork

BY Krista IN Featured Customers

PCDNetwork logo

Before technology caught up to Craig Zelizer’s vision of providing a peer-to-peer network for global changemakers, he started an informal listserv on Yahoo to connect people around the world. Eventually, technology did catch up, and in 2007 he launched PCDNetwork, a worldwide hub for those dedicated to social change. Gathering almost 37,000 professionals and organizations, PCDNetwork gives members equal access to the kind of info that changes careers, lives, and the world: social change funding sources, leading research, job opportunities, and more. As the founder and CEO of PCDNetwork, Zelizer knew that his business had outgrown manual client engagement management. … Continue reading Featured Customer: PCDNetwork

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