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February 27, 2017

Announcing Deals v2 – Visual Pipeline and more

BY John Paul Narowski IN Company

In a CRM, deals are typically our lifeblood. After many customer discussions, surveys and white-boarding sessions we’ve made deals in karmaCRM a first class citizen, are proud to announce deals v2! We’re best friends now. What’s it all about? Visual Deal Pipeline The new deals system comes with a number of enhancements. First and most … Continue reading Announcing Deals v2 – Visual Pipeline and more

February 3, 2017

Announcing Browser Notifications

BY John Paul Narowski IN Company

Stop competing with your team’s busy email inbox and keep everyone in the loop with our new Browser Notifications feature. This has come from a few conversations with our users who often lose the battle for people’s attention throughout the day. Enter the browser notification hero! If you’re using either Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you should have seen a … Continue reading Announcing Browser Notifications

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