November 18, 2016

Announcing Engagement Tracking

BY John Paul Narowski IN CRM Software, Karma, karmaCRM News and Updates

Today marks a major milestone in our history. Our primary goal here at karmaCRM is to help you nurture personal relationships at scale, and we’ve just released a big step in that direction – engagement tracking! This was the #2 requested feature in our most recent relationship survey. Thank you for helping us define what … Continue reading Announcing Engagement Tracking

October 22, 2016

How Giving Helps You Sell More

BY John Paul Narowski IN Karma, Relationships, Sales

Smiling salesperson

Take a minute to imagine a “salesperson.” If you’re anything like me, you imagined a used car salesman in a tweed suit jacket or a smooth-talking, cologne-soaked peddler of mysterious tonics. These images typically come along with the perception of pushy, deceitful individuals, working in their own self-interest to close more deals. In short, takers. … Continue reading How Giving Helps You Sell More

August 19, 2016

Putting the Karma in karmaCRM: Our Commitment to Giving Back

BY John Paul Narowski IN Company, Karma


We launched karmaCRM on April 12th, 2010. Over the years we’ve built cool stuff, had wonderful interactions with our customers, and helped companies grow. It’s been an incredible journey, but something has been missing – the soul of karmaCRM. I picked our name for a reason. 2016 is the year to start living up to … Continue reading Putting the Karma in karmaCRM: Our Commitment to Giving Back

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