March 29, 2017

Featured Customer: Green Dot Bioplastics

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Green Dot Bioplastics

The folks at Green Dot Bioplastics are no strangers to innovation. The bioplastics company created the first compostable elastomer, the kind of flexible plastic that you’ll find in toys for your kids and the soles of your shoes. Dedicated to creating sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics, Green Dot works to create a little more good in the world.  

When they first started out in 2011, Green Dot began searching for a contact management software that would allow them to focus on helping customers make smart, sustainable choices. “Our primary goal was to find a CRM that was intuitive, user-friendly, and cost-effective. We shopped a lot of different products and chose karmaCRM because it met all of our needs, right out of the box,” says Sarah Harbaugh, Sales Manager at Green Dot.

“It’s powerful enough to perform all the tasks we need and affordable enough for a small company budget,” adds CEO Mark Remmert.

The bioplastics firm prizes karmaCRM’s customizability. As a small company that interacts with many different kinds of contacts — from leads to vendors — it’s crucial that their CRM is responsive to the way they do business. “From the sales perspective, the most valuable feature is how customizable karmaCRM is. We can add or adjust categories, reorder drop-down menus, and tailor data to how we interact with our contacts. It’s been very helpful for us.”

“I can’t imagine what I would do on a given day if I wasn’t able to use karmaCRM.”

karmaCRM has also improved Green Dot’s internal processes. The shared calendar feature doesn’t just facilitate appointment setting and meeting planning. It has also become the command center of operations, allowing them to coordinate production schedules, inbound and outbound shipments, and other company-wide activities. “We can color code all our calendars so that it’s very easy to see at a glance what’s happening when. We’d be lost without our shared calendars,” Harbaugh says.

Green Dot integrated with karmaCRM just a month after their company launched. “karmaCRM has really grown with us. We’ve enjoyed watching features being added over the years. They are obviously working to constantly improve the software and offer more and more robust features. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

And we can’t wait to see what Green Dot comes up with next! Perhaps a luggage tag for the fan club of an iconic 90s band? Oh, wait. They already did that!

About Green Dot Bioplastics

Green Dot Bioplastics is a bioscience social enterprise headquartered in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. Our mission is to advance the unique characteristics of bioplastics to help designers and manufacturers create inspired products that empower consumers to contribute to a more sustainable world. In everything we do, we strive to minimize the use of petroleum-based chemicals, maximize the use of renewable materials, increase the value of reclaimed and recycled materials, and enhance the performance of biodegradable materials.

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