October 28, 2016

Featured Customer: HSI Trust

BY Krista Garver IN Featured Customers

HSI Trust Logo

Bruce Boguslav knows that unexpected financial disasters can upend a life. Though he was a successful businessman, Boguslav almost lost his home during the mortgage crisis. Believing no one should have to endure what he and his family did during that time, Boguslav started HSI Trust, a consumer advocacy nonprofit dedicated to helping people save … Continue reading Featured Customer: HSI Trust

September 12, 2016

Featured Customer: Success in Media

BY Krista Garver IN Featured Customers

Jess Todtfeld

Jess Todtfeld, Founder & President of Success in Media and bestselling author, knows what it takes to get people’s attention. A nationally recognized television producer for 13 years, Todtfeld funneled his naturally ability to captivate audiences into a successful media training business. Now, instead of grabbing attention with hard-hitting news segments, he coaches business executives, … Continue reading Featured Customer: Success in Media

August 29, 2016

Featured Customer: PCDNetwork

BY Krista Garver IN Featured Customers

PCDNetwork logo

Before technology caught up to Craig Zelizer’s vision of providing a peer-to-peer network for global changemakers, he started an informal listserv on Yahoo to connect people around the world. Eventually, technology did catch up, and in 2007 he launched PCDNetwork, a worldwide hub for those dedicated to social change. Gathering almost 37,000 professionals and organizations, … Continue reading Featured Customer: PCDNetwork

August 15, 2016

Featured Customer: Graphel Carbon Products

BY Krista Garver IN Featured Customers

Graphel Carbon Products

Celebrating their 50th anniversary last year, Graphel Carbon Products is a leader in providing graphite solutions for a wide range of industries — they produce and distribute parts that are used in jet airplanes and the electric generators. And in their five decades of success, they have learned that businesses need to adapt to grow. … Continue reading Featured Customer: Graphel Carbon Products

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