September 12, 2016

Featured Customer: Success in Media

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Jess Todtfeld

Jess Todtfeld, Founder & President of Success in Media and bestselling author, knows what it takes to get people’s attention. A nationally recognized television producer for 13 years, Todtfeld funneled his naturally ability to captivate audiences into a successful media training business. Now, instead of grabbing attention with hard-hitting news segments, he coaches business executives, spokespeople, and other experts on how to leverage the most out of their public speaking engagements.

As a small business owner, Todtfeld is always looking for ways to improve. Success in Media was using an enterprise-class CRM but found that its clunkiness and complexity was taking up more time than it saved. Todtfeld went looking for a more streamlined, affordable, visually appealing solution. His search led him to karmaCRM.

Success in Media was tired of the hassle of using a CRM that was too complex and expensive for their needs. “Unlike other solutions I tried, karmaCRM was extremely easy to use,” said Todtfeld. “I figured it out in an hour and had the whole system set up on the first day.”

With karmaCRM’s in-contact email feature, Success in Media can connect with their clients more quickly. Rather than having to switch back and forth between a CRM and an email program, Todtfeld can get all the work done in a single application, which streamlines his client contact process.

Todtfeld also enjoys improved efficiency from how quickly karmaCRM moves. “The speed of a system is also extremely important to me,” said Todtfeld. “The faster it is, the more people I can connect with. I was very impressed with the speed of karmaCRM.”

“If you don’t have a CRM, you’re losing money every single day.”

Todtfeld stresses that a CRM isn’t optional these days. “There’s no way your memory, a spreadsheet, or Outlook reminders can help you keep in touch with your contacts as quickly and accurately as a CRM,” said Todtfeld.

We couldn’t agree more. Do you have a success story you’d like to share with us? Be in touch!

About Success in Media

Founded by Jess Todtfeld, Success in Media is a media training company that coaches business executives, spokespersons, public relations representatives, experts, and authors to become more confident, more in control, and to create more results from their speaking engagements and media appearances. Success in Media encourages clients to leverage every speaking engagement — from a one-on-one conversation to a business presentation — to provide value, move toward the close, and create the precise outcome they desire.

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I am a passionate inbound and content marketer. My goal is to create content that educates, engages, and helps people do their jobs better. In my offline life, you can almost always find me attending live theatre.

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