October 28, 2016

Featured Customer: HSI Trust

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Bruce Boguslav knows that unexpected financial disasters can upend a life. Though he was a successful businessman, Boguslav almost lost his home during the mortgage crisis. Believing no one should have to endure what he and his family did during that time, Boguslav started HSI Trust, a consumer advocacy nonprofit dedicated to helping people save their homes and recover from debt.

Boguslav needed a reliable, flexible tool to manage his clients. HSI Trust went through a strenuous, detailed vetting process, trying out more than 20 different systems before settling on karmaCRM. “We were impressed with karmaCRM immediately,” said Boguslav. “It met and exceeded all expectations we had for a customer management software.”

With karmaCRM, Boguslav found a tool that operates just how his business works. The dashboard accommodated their workflow precisely, from the very start. “It just flows. It’s very easy to understand. karmaCRM was functional almost immediately — it took us very little time to set up.”

“karmaCRM is hands down the best software package I’ve ever seen.”

Boguslav also prizes the cloud-based functionality, which HSI Trust has implemented without a hitch. “With karmaCRM’s seamless mobile interface and cloud functions, you can work from anywhere, without any hiccups, which is phenomenal.”

When questions do come up, Boguslav found that karmaCRM’s customer service went above and beyond. “It’s really unusual to see a support team as responsive as karmaCRM’s. They reply instantaneously to emails, and they make a real effort to make sure things work just as you want them to. We were thrilled by their engagement.”

In previous work, Boguslav has worked as a technology consultant. “I’ve looked at a lot of tech tools for clients and analyzed what worked and what didn’t for their needs. karmaCRM is hands down the best software package I’ve ever seen.”

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About HSI Trust

HSI Trust is a nationally-recognized nonprofit consumer advocacy organization. It is comprised of experienced financial, business, and real estate professionals who are skilled at navigating the often choppy waters of mortgages, foreclosures, student loan debt, and other financial difficulties.

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