October 26, 2016

New Features and Updates: Site-Wide Search, Phone Number Formatting, Custom Labels, and More

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karmaCRM new search function

Once again, we’ve been hard at work making improvements to karmaCRM, largely based on customer feedback. Here’s what you can now do with karmaCRM.

Search everything

Improving the site-wide search function was the #1 most requested item on our recent customer survey. This one’s so big that we wrote a whole blog post about it.

But if all you want are the CliffsNotes, here you go: the search function now works exactly like you need it to.

Save typing time with address autocomplete

Tired of typing in addresses? Now you don’t have to. For users on the per-user plan, autocomplete will now help you out for U.S. addresses.

Our customers created 34,000 addresses last month, which probably took about a minute each. That means this simple feature could save almost 567 hours of data entry every month.

View company info in the contact record

This is part of our push to bring all your data into one place. Now you can see more information about the company record within the contact.

Automatically format phone numbers

The software will now automatically applying formatting to U.S. phone numbers. This doesn’t change the underlying data, but will make numbers a bit more readable.

We currently support the following formats:

  • 5551212  formatted is 555-1212
  • 7345551212 formatted is (734) 555-1212
  • 5551212 x111 formatted is 555-1212 x111
  • 7345551212 x111 formatted is (734) 555-1212 x111
  • 734.555.1212 formatted is (734) 555-1212
  • 734 555 1212 formatted is (734) 555-1212

Add custom labels for addresses, emails, numbers, and websites

In addition to the default “work,” “home,” and “other” label options, you can now customize your own labels. Maybe you have a “shipping address” or an “office phone”? Just type it in, and you’re all set!

Sort emails, phone numbers and addresses

You can now drag and drop emails, phone numbers, and addresses in the form view, so you have your primary info at the top. Look for the little gray drag handle.

Filter your deal list by a contact or company

Using simple filters, you can now narrow down your deal list by a contact or a company. You can also view probability percentages to understand where your deals are in the funnel.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned! We’ll announce another round of features and updates next month.

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