October 13, 2016

Announcing Better Site-Wide Search – Our Most-Requested Feature!

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The #1 request in our most recent NPS survey was to fix the site-wide search feature, i.e. “Search Everything Here…” Since search is the cornerstone of karmaCRM, we don’t blame you for wanting it to be perfect!

Over the last month we spoke with many of our customers to make sure we get it right. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback! karmaCRM is customer driven. We’re humbled and honored to have users investing in making the platform better for everyone.

Today, we’re pleased to announce several enhancements and fixes that should dramatically improve your experience with site-wide search.

First, what is site-wide search?

It’s the bar in the top left of your app that allows you to do a quick search of your database for names, emails, phone numbers, etc.


Here’s what’s changed.

Order doesn’t matter anymore

Let’s say you have a contact named John Peter Doe. You can now find this contact with any of the following:

  • “John D”
  • “John Doe”
  • “John Peter”
  • “Doe John”

You can omit middle names from search queries

Middle names are easy to forget, and now you don’t have to worry about it. A search for “John Doe” will still find John Peter Doe.

No more white space issues

In the past, you might have searched for a record you KNEW was there, only to get empty results. Often this was because of leading and trailing spaces in names. karmaCRM now eliminates these spaces so you get the correct results every time.

See expanded information about a single result

You might want some quick info about a record without opening it completely. If your search returns a single result, the bar will turn green and you’ll see expanded information about the record, such as their events, tasks, and files. More information all in one place!


Thank You!

The feedback from the survey was clear. You wanted a better site-wide search experience, and today our dev team has delivered one. We can’t do it without customers like you.

You rock!

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