August 29, 2016

Featured Customer: PCDNetwork

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Before technology caught up to Craig Zelizer’s vision of providing a peer-to-peer network for global changemakers, he started an informal listserv on Yahoo to connect people around the world. Eventually, technology did catch up, and in 2007 he launched PCDNetwork, a worldwide hub for those dedicated to social change. Gathering almost 37,000 professionals and organizations, PCDNetwork gives members equal access to the kind of info that changes careers, lives, and the world: social change funding sources, leading research, job opportunities, and more.

As the founder and CEO of PCDNetwork, Zelizer knew that his business had outgrown manual client engagement management. Though his team was small, their reach was extending rapidly, and it was no longer feasible to track client engagement with memory and Excel spreadsheets alone.

PCDNetwork tried out four different CRM systems before partnering with karmaCRM. Zelizer values the reasonable cost and powerful features, saying, “karmaCRM was the best product possible at a price point a small business like ours can afford.”

With karmaCRM, PCDNetwork standardized their outreach process, automated engagement reminders, and improved their client tracking. Zelizer said, “karmaCRM is the lifeblood of our internal organization. It’s versatile, adaptable, customizable, and easy-to-use. It made generating sales and managing client engagement so much easier.”

“karmaCRM is the lifeblood of our internal organization. It’s versatile, adaptable, customizable, and easy-to-use.”

PCDNetwork also found that karmaCRM was the kind of company that aligned with their values as a social change organization — one that is committed to generosity, partnership, and mutual growth. “We want the companies that help us do our business to put a set of ethical values into practice, not to try to milk every dollar out of every client,” said Zelizer. “karmaCRM is just that kind of company. From their great customer service to their dedication to continual improvement, karmaCRM is committed to helping their partner businesses grow and to growing with them.”

We love hearing that our values resonate with our customers. And we’ve recently made an even greater commitment to karma by providing even more value to help our clients succeed. Read karmaCRM CEO John Paul Narowski’s pledge to “put the Karma in karmaCRM.”

About PCDNetwork

Created by Dr. Craig Zelizer in 2007, PCDNetwork is the go-to hub for the global change making community. PCDNetwork is a rapidly growing social enterprise that gathers almost 37,000 professionals, organizations, and students engaged in social change, peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship, development, and related fields. We are a one-stop-shop to inspire, connect, inform, and provide the tools and resources to scale social change. PCDNetwork also gives members the tools, resources, and jobs to lead successful lives and careers in the social change sector.

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