August 15, 2016

Featured Customer: Graphel Carbon Products

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Graphel Carbon Products

Celebrating their 50th anniversary last year, Graphel Carbon Products is a leader in providing graphite solutions for a wide range of industries — they produce and distribute parts that are used in jet airplanes and the electric generators. And in their five decades of success, they have learned that businesses need to adapt to grow.

Marketing Manager Aileen Crass knew that Graphel needed to adapt when it came to how they managed their customers. As is common in many organizations, salespeople were still keeping customer data and follow-up schedules on spreadsheets or in their heads.

As a former financial advisor, Crass knew the power of a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. She also knew that for a company with a modest management team of about 20 people, an enterprise-level CRM with all the bells and whistles would be too complex to be functional for Graphel.

Enter karmaCRM.

Crass said, “I was looking for software to introduce CRM to the company culture. We didn’t need a tool tied to accounting or manufacturing — we strictly needed a CRM for sales. Something like Salesforce or Netsuite would be much too complicated — and costly — for what we needed. Ease of use was my number one priority.”

Graphel looked at five other CRMs before deciding on karmaCRM. “The unnecessary tools and integrations of the other CRMs got messy really quickly,” said Crass. “karmaCRM had exactly what we needed.”

“Ease of use was my number one priority…karmaCRM had exactly what we needed.”

The company found the visual interface especially intuitive. “The dashboard was particularly user-friendly. You can see everything you need to know at a quick glance — your task list, who you need to call and why — those easy, visual cues really sold our staff.”

karmaCRM was also a massive timesaver over more complex systems when it comes to data entry. Crass said, “With Salesforce, you have to drill down six screens and it takes three to four minutes to do a single entry. karmaCRM adapts exactly to the info you need and a new entry takes just 15 to 20 seconds.”

karmaCRM appealed to Graphel’s entire team, whether they had never used a CRM before or whether they were experienced users of other platforms.

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About Graphel Carbon Products

Graphel Carbon Products manufactures precision graphite solutions. They provide integral parts for the aerospace, power generation, medical, and plastics molding industries. They help customers tackle complex manufacturing challenges quickly and easily, from a simple blank to a tight tolerance electrode. Service is the foundation of all of Graphel Carbon Products’ solutions — their key commitment is to their customers. They strive to understand their customers needs and provide every customer with individualized, responsive service.

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