March 30, 2017

New Features for March: Redesigned Emails, a Zapier Integration, and More

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karmaCRM Zapier integration

This month, we launched a massive project to refresh karmaCRM’s interface, starting with app emails. We’re pretty excited about it. We think you will be too. Read on to learn more about what’s new at karmaCRM this month.

Enjoy redesigned emails

No one should have to look at an ugly email, especially first thing in the morning. That’s why we redesigned all of the emails coming from our app, including daily task reminders. All emails from our system now share the same template and will appear consistent whether you’re viewing them on your mobile phone or on your desktop.

Stay tuned for future installments of our interface redesign.

Integrate with thousands of platforms via Zapier

karmaCRM now has an official Zap in the Zapier store. With this Zap, you can easily transfer your contacts, companies, deals, and tasks between karmaCRM and thousands of other apps, instantly streamlining your operations.

Add relationships to your list

You can now add your relationships as a column to your list for contacts, companies, and deals. Thanks to a few customers for pushing this one!

Share saved, filtered lists

Finally, you can share your saved, filtered lists with everyone on your team. Simply click “Switch to another saved list” in contacts, companies, or deals, and then press “edit.” Once in the Manage Your Lists popup, check the box “shared” next to the lists that you want the rest of your team to see. Collaboration and standardization win!

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