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January 30, 2012

New Feature – Task ICal Feed & Birthday Reminders

BY John Paul Narowski IN karmaCRM News and Updates

See your karmaCRM tasks everywhere now that we’ve added an ICal friendly feed for your tasks. Subscribe to this feed by going to your tasks section and clicking “Subscribe to your iCalendar task feed” below your task filters. Please keep in mind that while these tasks can be displayed externally, they cannot be edited, created or changed there. You’ll need to do that within karmaCRM.

January 25, 2012

Is Technology To Blame?

BY John Paul Narowski IN Productivity

Technology has accelerated business into a new era. Information travels at the speed of light and arrives at the push of a button. Smart phones, tablets, netbooks, and the Internet are responsible for the way we conduct business. So you have to ask yourself: Why is it that we still struggle to accomplish so much? It would seem that with all this technology available to us that we should find it easier to conduct business, but it isn’t so. We answer the phone when it rings. Emails and instant messages are amongst our top priorities while we work. The problem … Continue reading Is Technology To Blame?

January 18, 2012

The “We Forgot How Great You Are” Trap

BY John Paul Narowski IN Small Business

According to Sandler Sales System, 78% of your current customers will not do business with you again not because they dislike you or are unhappy – it’s because they forgot about you. Out of sight and out of mind Small businesses may not be aware of this, but customers actually forget brands more often than we think. Customers do business with us, are satisfied – and then get busy.  If they like it enough and time permits, they’ll start telling people about it. Yet, most of the time, the scenario is that someone asks them where they found a product … Continue reading The “We Forgot How Great You Are” Trap

January 4, 2012

Warning: A Lust For Lists

BY John Paul Narowski IN Productivity

The New Year has always been thought of as a time of change and new direction. We make huge lists of resolutions and plans of what want to change. Sometimes that’s as far as we go yet we have to take things a step further in order to accomplish our lists for this upcoming year. The tip of the iceberg The list is merely the start of things. It is nothing more than an outline of a plan that we dream of. Whatever format you use – from using a notepad and forming your list, we have transformed to using … Continue reading Warning: A Lust For Lists

December 28, 2011

Break for Perspective: The Hub of Relationship Management

BY John Paul Narowski IN Sales and Marketing

“There are times when the best appointment you keep is with yourself.” The strongest relationship management tool? Time with yourself  making sure your systems and focus are aligned to make your goals – inevitable. Many, especially those responsible for driving sales or those who are entrepreneurs, find it challenging, if not frustrating, during this week. It’s an impatience that happens when you’re forced to wait for the next step or that decision which makers just haven’t convened to sign off on to move forward on a project. This time is the “go slow to go fast time.” I often call … Continue reading Break for Perspective: The Hub of Relationship Management

December 21, 2011

Taking the Time

BY John Paul Narowski IN Sales and Marketing

We all know how fast paced the business world can be. Traffic buzzes by in both directions with a few speeders and slow pokes amongst the crowd. And now that the holidays are here, everything seems to speed out of control as though someone has hit the turbo button on life. We sometimes find ourselves in such a hurry that we forget to take the time to do more than drop a message or wave at those around us. While we may get to where we’re going, we’ve forgotten to take care of what matters the most- our clients and customers.

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