January 24, 2012

New Feature – Drag and Drop File Uploading

BY John Paul Narowski IN karmaCRM News and Updates 4 Comments

We’ve made it easy for you to easily upload multiple files at once. This feature is available to all browsers except IE, as the trend generally goes. It also comes with a fancy progress bar. If you use IE you’ll still be able to upload files, but just one at a time and without drag and drop.


Drag and Drop

When in a record such as contacts, companies, deals, or in the files section you can simply start dragging a file from your desktop into the “Files” section to upload it. Once you drop the file into the “Dropzone” highlighted in gray, the file will automatically start uploading. Even if you’re not viewing the “Files” tab within a record, it will be automatically selected when you start dragging.


Upload Multiple Files by Browsing

While browsing for multiple files, simply hold shift in order to select multiple files to upload. As soon as you hit “OK” they’ll start uploading

Other New Features Worth Nothing

Email attachments now show up in history – Any attachments included in an email, or added manually in the note show view will now appear in the history associated with that note or email. Simply click the file to download it.


Added option to ignore email attachments – Sometimes you might have logos, or other images that are always a part of your email. To prevent them from getting added to each contact, you can tell karma to ignore them from your emails in the “My Info” -> Dropbox settings.


Add local files to emails, with “drag and drop” or normal file browser – Up to this point you weren’t able to send emails from karmaCRM with files from your computer, well now you can. When sending an email click “Add Local Attachments” or just drag files into the dropzone.


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