August 8, 2014

9 Great finds from the karmaCRM archive

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Photo credit to National Geographic
Photo credit to National Geographic

Perhaps when we colonize the moons of Jupiter, we can rest assure that customer service will be better no matter what market it is. Striving for bar-raising customer service can be another part of a utopia that will one day be indispensable when it comes to small businesses.

Adobe is one example of how a blog can be integrated into the brand. To further utilize content, aiding small businesses with viable information can expand the value that karma’s integrity is built around. Through karma, small businesses are given the opportunity to get information that they need through content we deliver to them about how they can strategize, or what tools they might need to do that.

Starting with the most recent is app reviews found in two parts: part one and part two. These are apps that are applicable to small businesses and come in handy to us. Testimonials are more than just great link builders—they can also help small businesses when it comes to evaluating a purchasing decision. Small businesses can benefit from sharing their own testimonials with each other, especially if there is a common industry between the small businesses.

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Question to ponder: How much is enough when it comes to the features you seek out in a small business CRM platform? As a business person, you know you have outgrown the spreadsheet and post-it note faze, but you may realize that now is the time to seek out a CRM platform that can allow the features you seek, but you also don’t need the over riding depth of a major CRM platform…or the cost!  Features: A common CRM misconception is a post to give YOU the emerging business owner, author, wellness coach, real estate professional, the boot strapped small business, or even start-up, a look into a mindset as it applies to seeking out a CRM platform that can identify with your unique business needs, as well as isolate and solve a problem set. At karmaCRM there is no misconception about our platform and company culture.

Small businesses have a good chance of Being Customer centric in a digital world. This means possessing a deep understanding of your customers and paying attention to them and all of their needs. It is a very crucial thing for a company. Understanding your customers will help you provide the service they need in the best way possible. This will not only make your relationships with your customers better but also help you gain respect and boost your company’s reputation.

Small businesses need to know that a CRM is exactly the tool to be utilized, and how it can benefit them. In cases when a CRM implementation is successful, it cannot be stressed enough that this tool must be used. Why Small Business CRM is essential highlights this exact reason. Placing crucial certainty into a CRM opens doors for companies. In exchange, small businesses are given opportunities. With karma’s Knowledge Base, small businesses can take rake in even more benefits by becoming involved with our extensive support center. We choose to do it this way because small businesses can benefit, and when your small business wants to take part in this, check out a 30-day free trial risk free. The archive also goes back to earlier related posts here  because giving small businesses the best opportunity for success is what we strive for.

Social Media is a great way for small businesses to build brand awareness and gain customers. Set the stage for a CRM social strategy explains just how this works and some important points to keep in mind while doing it. With social media being so easy, free, and popular it tends to be successful to any business. Check out this article and set the stage for your business today!

Many of our internet-based small businesses enjoyed this blog on using RSS for backlinks. In this article, the reader is given an in-depth look at RSS feeds from the history all the way to further using RSS backlinks. Small businesses trying to integrate their strategy to include SEO tactics were given the chance to implement intricate tactics. Link building and SEO tactics are a topic that can be expanded on from our blog since this is such important information for small businesses.

A company’s culture is one of the unique benefits it can feature to a competitive world. In this blog Customer Centric: Going Beyond the Mission Statement we introduce you to the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh. Amongst other things when building a mission statement, this piece covers his thoughts on people, policy, and pay among many other facets of building culture in an emerging business model.
How your business appears on the web should be a major strategic thought process for any founder, business owner, or manager. In this article  “How to raise your Google rank” you will find out how to check your page score, improve page ranking results, use long tail keywords, and look at quality versus quantity as it relates to your page presence on the web.

Managing time wisely is essential for small businesses. How to Change Your Perception and Master Time Management is a great article to read if you are having time management issues. Every small business should practice the 80/20 rule, as it really does work. Every second counts and this article explains how you can take more control of your time today!


I’ve been hacking at various business ideas since I was 16. I’m a full stack developer and love crafting user experiences. I’ve been nose deep in code since I put the legos down, and built several successful businesses in the process. I’ve lost some hair, gained some experience and throughly enjoyed the journey.

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