August 5, 2014

Does your blog have what it takes?

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Taking your blog to the next level with Google news just became much easier to do, but getting your content ready for submission may be a cumbersome task.

google news

Fortunately, your interns don’t have to study Associated Press Style to pump out content and boost your SEO. Being great at writing “leads” would be a plus, but the pertinence of your content is crucial. Google discloses they will make this opportunity available to publishers in the U.S, with plans to introduce it to other countries soon. With these ongoing releases, they plan on enhancing the features of the news platform as well. Lowering the bar on news publishing is just one great move that karmaCRM has been reporting on. These are great opportunities for everyone, and learning how to do this can be beneficial. Another great move was recently reported on here, and allows local SMBs to prosper. These opportunities benefit SMBs, which is priority number one. If you expect results with your SMB, click here on this link and see how we at karmaCRM can help.

Valued content is everything

As enthralling and as hilarious as my journalism professor’s classes were, learning the guidelines for online news publication submissions did not come up. This was an introductory class, and as such we learned the reasoning behind all news stories. In other words, the reasons why sometimes you see a story about a cat or an earthquake. It’s almost intuitive knowledge, requiring only a level of common sense behind pertinent news stories. I still remember the mnemonic device though. Defining Journalism Legal challenges to defining journalism has become increasingly troubling since the advent of the Internet. Anyone can report on an event with their own blog, which makes it almost too easy to label yourself as a journalist. If there is any difference, it is based on what can be viewed as “fresh.” It’s like walking into a supermarket for news aggregators such as Google News. The produce section, where most of the fresher items are found, displays the freshest items and there are definite characteristics of these. Google News determines how fresh news is depending on what they’ve accumulated so far. This makes it easy to narrow down a story or to see an angle that has not been considered. Sure, I could easily share the mnemonics device that helped me in my intro level class, but producing for Google News is the difference between being well-read on newsworthy topics and making bad submissions.

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