July 31, 2014

How that Google algorithm update changed the game for local business

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Small businesses and the need for success

For small businesses that are struggling with Google’s ranking but still need local growth, it can be tough to compete with all of the traffic from larger firms. With Google’s new algorithm update, local growth is the focus— and small businesses can benefit greatly.

Google’s New Algorithm

Google has changed the game for local businesses when it comes to finding results for local directories, giving visibility to the SMB community.

In a recent update to their algorithm, Google has changed the way that results of businesses are returned to users. What Search Engine Land is calling the “pigeon update” now fetches local results for businesses.

Google has released this update that fixes an issue that users had found with Yelp searches, but overall changes include:

  • Using local directories based on location of the user
  • Increased use of review sites as local directories

Responsive measures within small businesses with a local audience is crucial, but it is likely that many of the beneficial steps have already been taken. One example of this are local directories that Google may now refer to, as the aforementioned Business2Community article states.


The possibilities of this movement toward local growth might turn into greater awareness of the power that Google could play in helping small businesses. If that is the case, then Google could be swayed to favor small businesses and local growth. Regardless of what the future might hold for local and small businesses’ rank on Google, response to these opportunities is absolutely necessary.

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