July 30, 2014

58% of the US is doing this. Is your company adapting?

BY John Paul Narowski IN CRM Software 0 Comment

In this day in age, it is impossible to stand still while your competitors rush past you. Innovation and evolution are the rules of the game for most businesses. The digital platform that your business uses could be slowing you down, which could lead to a loss of revenue. Though it can be costly, expanding your digital platforms to both smartphones and desktops would be truly beneficial for your business. According to this survey58% of your customer base in the US uses multiple digital platforms to access the web. This means that not only are users accessing the web from a desktop or a laptop, but they are also accessing the Internet through their mobile phones and tablets as well. DC 1 A business that sees value in moving to multiple platforms makes this move because they know their audience. At karmaCRM we know that our customers would benefit from being able to access our site or app from their platform of choice.

One of karmaCRM’s benefits is that we are a cloud based service, thus no need to download software that may not be compatible across multiple operating systems. In an effort to make CRMs work for the customer rather than the other way around, karmaCRM is devoted to working toward mutli-platform usage to make your work easier. There is an ongoing evolution of how businesses interact. When it comes to technology, there’s no static, so why should your CRM hold you back? With karmaCRM, your business will see the benefit of a CRM while being able to use it no matter how you’re connecting to the Internet.
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