February 26, 2014

Top 10 Apps for karmaCRM, Pt. 2

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Part 2 of 2

In continuation of our Top 10 Apps for karmaCRM blog post last week, below you’ll find the remaining five applications to round out our Top 10 list!


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Visit Clicky’s website and one of the first things you’ll see is “Real Time Web Analytics” – and that’s exactly what you get. Clicky allows you to easily view all of the actions that all of the users take on your website, and you’re also able to pull report on individual actions as well as more general reports. With features like on-site analytics, heatmaps, and uptime monitoring (among many others), you’re able to get a birds-eye view on what your site visitors are up to when they head your way.

Using Clicky has proven invaluable to karma by helping us solidify our emphasis on metrics measurement and analytics. We love the graphs that you can quickly create with just a click or two, showing visitor information as well as searches and referrers – and the fact that we can go back to analyze several months’ worth of data. Whether we’re needing to look at visitor data in terms of campaigns, content, countries, searches, or sources, Clicky shows us exactly what we need to know, every single time.

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Wistia is definitely among the easiest apps to use that we’ve had experience with at karma thus far, providing a video hosting service that helps you easily engage (and impress) your prospects and customers. They offer a variety of features, including engagement graphs and trends, integrations with email platforms, and social sharing buttons, as well as some unexpected bonuses like video heat maps and video SEO. And, as they mention on their features page, their videos contain no ads. Ever. As a side note, one of the neatest things we’ve learned about Wistia is that they have a Customer Happiness team. How cool is that?!

At karma, we use Wistia a few times every week to help us with managing our webinar recordings, which we send out post-webinar to attendees. We can also easily customize the thumbnail for each video we upload as well as quickly set its privacy/sharing settings. Wistia really takes the guesswork out of the video management process for us; without a doubt, their Customer Happiness team can add us to the list of happy customers!

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Chargify is a comprehensive billing system that does so much more than just help you with your billing process. Besides allowing you to charge either one-time or recurring payments, Chargify also helps you manage trial periods as well as those everyday customer service tasks of issuing refunds and credits, entering support notes, and changing products for your customers.

Among our favorite Chargify features at karma are the ease of setting up new subscription plans as well as modifying users’ subscriptions – Chargify really makes these a breeze. We also heavily use the Dashboard so that we know where we stand with our transactions throughout the day, every day.

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One of the ways in which we keep a pulse on the heartbeat of what our customers are saying is through UserVoice. Launched in 2008, this multi-faceted app makes it easy to track and respond to customers’ requests for help, as well as keep tabs on customer feedback via forums while providing those customers with a knowledge base so that common questions can be answered and information can be found right when they need it.

UserVoice helps karma immensely by letting us see, at a glance, the most popular feature suggestions that our customers are requesting and the general feedback that they’re wanting us to know of. Suggestions are neatly ranked by others in the community who access the forums, letting us easily see which of those suggestions are most popular with the majority of our customer base. This helps us immensely in prioritizing and managing upcoming changes to our product.

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For those who have a need to create pre-implementation mock-up designs of a website, look no further than Mockflow! This app helps with your wireframing needs, making it a cinch to not only design, but also collaborate on app and website concepts from a user interface perspective. Whether you need to focus on the design or layout of banners, websites, images, or brochures, Mockflow takes the guesswork out of the process and helps you quickly bring your ideas to life, from conception to reality, in no time at all. It is truly a fantastic platform to use for planning, building, and sharing your design work with others.

Whenever one of our site pages is up for redesign, or when a new page needs to be created altogether, our team collaborates on Mockflow to collectively come up with the best solutions. Because their interface is very easy to use, we come up with designs in no time at all. Thanks to Mockflow, we were able to make a smooth transition last November when we completely redesigned our website – and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

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Do you use any of the apps on our Top 10 list? What has your experience been with them? What other apps would you recommend? We welcome all of your comments below!

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