July 24, 2013

Building a better small business CRM with karma2

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We are hard at work updating the backend of karma2, improving existing features and adding even more cool stuff. Here’s what you need to know.

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Record Templates & Query Builder

Your team will love the brand new record templates and advanced query builder.  For example, some users have already built ‘Contacts’ record templates for vendors, customers, partners, and other relationships, saving them plenty of time.  Feel free to create templates for Contacts, Companies, Deals and more.  Whether you are just enjoying our simple CRM or you consider yourself a power-user, you should try out our new query builder. By filtering the results, you get to see only the data you want, regardless of how big your total database is.

Welcome Tab

The Welcome tab is back in karma2, and it’s better than ever! Every new user on karma2 (even those who migrated from karma 1) will have access to this tab on the far left of the navigation. The Welcome tab give you instant access to helpful training videos, our new interactive tour and useful links to get you started.

All New KarmaCRM Welcome Tab

Guided Tour

Save setup time and feel great about your new online CRM with our brand new Guided Tour feature!  It takes you step by step through some of the most important parts of karma2.  Businesses new to karmaCRM will get up and running quicker than ever before and will discover some of the hidden features that show off its true power. Existing teams may even discover features they had no idea where there, begging to make their lives easier. And companies will be able to get new users on their existing setup even faster.

New Interactive Tour button on karmaCRM
Check out the new Welcome Tour popups

Power-user Features

Karma2 also includes a ton of interface tweaks and back-end improvements that our wonderful customers have asked for.  Many of the extras are hidden in Settings >> My Settings, leaving the core interface clean and beautiful. For example, did you know that you can now fade out completed or past events in your calendar?  To enable this option, go to Settings>>My Settings>>Current Organization, in the calendar section. So, if you’re interested at taking karma2 to a whole new level, then check out the other features added under My Settings.

Advanced Setting – Calendars Fadeout Feature

If you are a current karma2 user, then please tell us what you think. If you’re interested in upgrading from karma1 or are curious to try karmaCRM for the first time then sign up for a free trial today!


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