July 12, 2013

Introducing Record Templates for karma2!

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Many karma users enjoy the convenience of task templates–sets of tasks you can create exactly how you want, and apply them to records all at once instead of manually each time.  But did you know that you can now apply templates to many of the different types of records in karma2?

We created this feature to help you out if many of your records have shared information, like referral source or assigned user.  First, go to the Settings menu, and choose Record Templates.

This will take you to the Record Templates page.  From this page, get started by clicking the New Record Template button on the top right.


Now just choose the type of record you’d like to make a template for, and give the template a name.


(Note that “Task” is an option here.  This is different from the Task Templates section because these are templates for tasks that you create within the Tasks tab, not a series of tasks you apply together to a contact, company, deal, or case.)


After you’ve done this, the form for that type of record appears.  Fill in the information you’d like to apply to the template, and save.


You’ll then be redirected to the Record Templates page, where you can view, edit, and delete all the record templates you’ve created.


Now when you go to create any type of record for which you’ve created a template, you’ll have the option of applying a template–with a click, saving up to minutes of effort each time you create a record!


We hope you’ll enjoy this feature as much as we do!  Let us know how you use it; we’d love to hear.

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