November 28, 2016

Track, Filter, Save – The Latest karmaCRM Features and Updates

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Email reply tracking feature

The end of the year is upon us! Here are the updated features that will help you meet your quotas for 2016 and plan for 2017.

Email reply tracking

Your #1 requested feature has been implemented! You can now track all of your emails and send automatic reply reminders if you don’t hear back within your specified time range. To learn more about this powerful feature, read the full blog post.   

Engagement tracking

November marks a major milestone in our history.

As you know, our primary goal here at karmaCRM is to help you nurture personal relationships at scale. This month, we took a big step in that direction with our new engagement tracking feature! With engagement tracking, you can find and sort your contacts based on the number of interactions you’ve had or the dates of those interactions.

This was the #2 requested feature in our most recent relationship survey. Read all about it.

Easy history filtering

Now every record with history can be filtered by the specific history type, so you can see only emails, or only phone calls. This is a huge time saver when you’re looking for that specific note, or a phone call you had recently.

Better column sort saving

If you’ve sorted a column in any of your CRM lists, you’ve probably noticed this sorting didn’t stick. Well now it does! So, you can keep the order you want as you work through your list.

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