November 4, 2016

Announcing Email Reply Tracking

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Email Reply Tracking

Hello folks! Today, we’re proud to announce another exciting feature, driven by your survey feedback. Tonight we’ll be releasing email reply tracking for all per user pro plans. This was the #1 requested feature from our most recent email automation survey.

So what does this feature do?

Reply tracking

Now every email you send comes with reply tracking. If your contact replies to an email, you’ll see in history the date they replied. Soon, this will be factored into our reporting, so you can see how effective you are at getting replies and who your most engaged contacts are.


Reply reminders

Ever send an email and wonder days later, did they ever respond? Those days are over. Now with the reply reminder feature, you can set a reply reminder.


If your contact doesn’t reply within the reminder window (EG: 5 days), then karma will create a task for you that tells you your email wasn’t responded to.


More goodies coming soon!

We have other goodies coming this quarter too, like email automation, bulk task creation and more. Keep up the stellar feedback. We’re listening … closely.

I’m personally honored to have such an engaged user base. It’s clear you really care about making karmaCRM the best it can be. Here at karmaCRM we’re deeply committed to being customer driven.

No survey response or suggestion will go unnoticed!

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