November 18, 2016

Announcing Engagement Tracking

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Today marks a major milestone in our history. Our primary goal here at karmaCRM is to help you nurture personal relationships at scale, and we’ve just released a big step in that direction – engagement tracking!

This was the #2 requested feature in our most recent relationship survey. Thank you for helping us define what this feature should look like!

If you’re on the per user plan, this feature is available to you now.

What is engagement tracking?

engagement tracking header

Engagement tracking will help you answer questions like: “When did I last talk to them,” “Who haven’t I talked with at all,” and more. Now karmaCRM automatically tracks both the last engagement with a contact and the number of times you’ve engaged.

What is tracked?

Anytime you log a phone call, send an email, or complete an event with your contact, the engagement count and date will be automatically updated.

Sorting and filtering by engagement


The new engagement columns can be added to your list, sorted, and filtered. This makes it easy to see who you haven’t connected with and who you’ve spoken with most recently.

Where is this going?

This is just the first feature of a series designed to help you know who to contact and when. As we develop more features around engagement, we’ll be able to suggest contacts you should reach out to. That way you can spend your time growing relationships instead of fishing in your CRM for the next bite.

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