March 26, 2014

Server Migration Update

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We are thrilled to announce that on April 3rd, we will be migrating our servers to a much more robust and scalable platform. These new servers will bring added scalability, redundancy, and security to our platform.


NEW DATE: Thursday, April 3, 2014, from 9pm to 1am Eastern Time (US). There will be a 4-hour downtime window to allow for testing to ensure all systems are running properly.

How It Affects You

The migration will be seamless, and nothing is required on your part. During the migration, there will be downtime from 9pm to 1am (Eastern Time [US]) on Thursday, April 3rd. Aside from that, just sit back and get ready to enjoy new servers!


As karmaCRM grows, we want to make sure our servers can easily handle the increasing data load. From a capacity perspective, with our new servers, we’re moving from an apartment to a mansion. We’re certainly not going to need every room right away, but they’ll be there when we do.


Below is a list of the enhancements that will be made to our internal data management process with the changeover to the new platform.


Our new systems will have ongoing, independent security audits, which we will likely be publishing (at least some aspect of) for you all to see. This will give you the added peace of mind that all of your data will continue to be well-protected, safe, and sound.


Our new systems have been rebuilt from the ground up, to scale. It’s going to be easy to expand our resources to keep your CRM experience smooth and seamless.


While we currently have redundancy built in, the new system takes this redundancy to a whole new level, ensuring that you can keep doing business, even if something on our end fails. Think: backups on backups on backups!

Updates & Downtime

As some of you have noticed, there is currently some downtime that is experienced each time we push updates (lasting a few minutes). Our new system will have zero downtime deployments, so this should enhance the deployment process. The only exception to this would be if we’re updating the database (which happens infrequently).

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