March 19, 2014

User System Updates

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Karma is pleased to announce some great new changes we have recently implemented in order to provide our users with an improved and more stable experience. We have listened intently to your suggestions and recommendations, and we’ve put control of users’ passwords and settings back in the hands of administrators! Below you’ll find a breakdown of the changes we’ve made to karma.

Login As

We now have a brand new feature that lets administrators login to karma as someone from their organization! This will make it much easier for karma administrators to set up and configure new users by letting them actually log in to karma as that user.

Login As A

Now, you can easily toggle between users and get back to your own account when you’re done.

Switch to Another User B

Adding a New User

In addition, we have made the process of adding a new user to karma as quick and easy as possible for administrators.
Users A

Quick Add Option

You can quickly add a new user by entering their name and email address in the field next to Add User, or you can add users via bulk import from a CSV file.
Add Users A

Advanced Form

Clicking on the Show Advanced Options link will expand it to show options that you can set for a user you are adding, which include setting a Role for the user, setting their Permissions, and assigning them to Groups. Here, you will also find the option for setting or resetting their password. These functions apply only to karma administrators.
Show Advanced Options A

Manage Accounts

Administrators now have the ability to manage your accounts in karma directly from within the initial Settings menu. In addition to creating a new account and associating it with your existing login, you can also switch to a new organization that you have added, or you can leave an organization entirely. In this section, you are also able to view any disabled accounts. Having all of these functionalities available in one convenient area will make your account management process in karma an absolute breeze!

Settings Manage Accounts A

Managing Accounts A

We hope you enjoy these new features and that they help you to better and more easily manage your users!

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