August 4, 2015

From Lead to Loyal Customer: How CRM Software Helps Find, Nurture and Win Deals

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Do you know how CRM systems are actually used? When you are acquainted with all of the benefits that CRM brings to your company, it is the right time for you to understand how you can use this software in order to convert leads to loyal customers. Today, our focus will be on how great CRM software helps businesses find, nurture and win deals.

Find Leads with the Help of Twitter

Twitter is a great source, where companies are able to find many leads. In most of the CRM systems, like in the one of karmaCRM, it is possible to integrate Twitter to make this process much easier. With the help of search streams, it is comfortable for marketing reps to filter tweets and create lists that contain interest-related keywords. For example, if a marketing rep from a fitness center wants to find some leads, he should create a list which will include keywords like “fitness center”, “workout”, “healthy lifestyle” and so on. When there is a tweet with these keywords, that indicates potential interest toward their company , marketing reps can easily transform that lead into their CRM system. For instance, one could ask such a question on Twitter: “How fitness centers can help me get healthy?” In this case, this lead should be automatically transformed to the CRM system.

Nurture Leads to Create Interest

Just because the tweet mentioned above has a potential interest in finding the benefits of fitness centers, it would not be right to immediately open with a sales pitch. First of all, it is important to get the user acquainted with all the benefits of fitness centers, with the help of some blog posts. When you find the right content that would answer to the question of your lead, you need to share it with a tweeted reply.

Qualify Leads and Pass Them to Sales Reps

Now, when the lead already knows about the benefits of fitness centers, his interest is transformed into desire. In order to keep him interested, it is important to send him some other educational and promotional content. Now, marketing reps should examine that lead and send them some qualified information about their fitness center and benefits that would bring it to him. To keep him engaged, marketing reps should continuously send them some nurturing emails. After qualifying that lead, it is the right time for sales reps to start their work.

Contact with Leads

Now, when the lead is qualified, sales reps should do everything in order to make them close the deal. To do so, it is important for them to review all the past communications and interactions with that lead, which is present in CRM system. Among these interactions are included past tweets, email exchanges and other engagements with that lead.

After examining the past interactions with that lead, now it is time to contact them by making a phone call. First of all, the sales rep should introduce himself and explain how and why he contacts that person. Secondly, he should present all the benefits that the lead can get if he uses their services. Finally, sales rep should organize an appointment, which is the next important step in the sales process. When the appointment is set, now it is the right time to get prepared for that meeting. To get all the things done, sales reps should create a project in CRM system and assign small tasks to sales team members.

Follow Up Regularly and Win the Deal

When the appointment is over, of course, the potential customers needs some time in order to make decision. During the time when the lead is making his decision, sales rep should continuously follow up with him. To help in finalizing decision, during that period, sales reps should send him some product demos, testimonials which is a great chance for convincing that potential customer and winning the deal.

Accept Payments

When the deal is won, it is the time for accepting payments. Here, CRM systems come to help as well. Sales reps are able to accept payments with the help of the system. Even if the amount is payed in monthly installments, there is no problem, as CRM system sends reminders to customers and all the payments are automatically tracked.

CRM system is a great tool that helps marketing and sales reps throughout the whole sales process. With the help of it, it becomes much easier to convert leads into loyal customers and make sure that all the things are done at the right time.

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