July 29, 2015

5 CRM Productivity Hacks That Help You Get More Done, with Less Work!

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CRM is a great software, which helps businesses increase their overall productivity by collecting data in one place, providing statistics about customer history, automating some actions, making customer service better and so on. Today we focus on 5 hacks that help you get more done, with less work for CRM productivity improvement.

1. Create Specific Lists

One of the productivity hacks that you can do with the help of CRM systems is to create lists, which will make it easier to find and categorize records based on some criteria. With CRM, a company’s sales manager will have the chance to create several lists for different target groups and various purposes, for instance, a list for the customers in a specific area, a list for high priority customers, a list of marketing campaigns and so on. These lists are created with the help of custom filters of the CRM system. The filters can be saved in the system and the lists can be edited and viewed anytime.

2. Tag Information with Keywords

In order to find the right information in less time, try to tag records with some keywords, which will make it easier to do some searches, and, as a result, will lead to CRM productivity improvement. Imagine, that you have created a filter that contains all email marketing campaigns which you implemented during the last month. Suppose that your manager now needs to find all the leads and contacts from a specific campaign to create a similar marketing campaign for the next month. If your employees have tagged every lead and contact from the last campaign, it would be much easier for the manager to identify the right personas and create the right campaigns for them.

3. Determine Prices of Products with Price Books

To generate more revenue, companies sometimes use variable price methods based on supply chains and other important factors. The reason is that different customers are willing to pay different prices for your products based on their region, date of purchase, etc. For example, in a region where there are no competitors for you, your products can be sold for more money. For such cases price books are available in CRM systems. These books contain price lists of all products and services of your company. There can be various price lists, for example one for international customers, one for local customers, one for wholesalers and so on. This is a great way to ensure that your salesmen will sell your products with the right price.

4. Keep Track of Payments

Payment modules of CRM systems make it easier to track invoiced receivables, request payments and apply them to invoices. For example, if you sell a product of $5000 and your client should pay it over 5 months, you can use payment modules of CRM systems to send him/her requests. Any payments made by customers are applied to their invoices, showing the remaining amount that should be paid.

5. Send the Right Emails at the Right Moment

Another great hack that will lead to CRM productivity improvement is to use the autoresponders of CRM systems. Imagine that you want to create different email campaigns for different groups of people. For example, you want to send discount information only to those users who have clicked on a product link and want to sent another lead nurturing email to those who have not clicked that link. In this case, you need to implement autoresponders of CRM systems, because whether you try to reach 1 person or 1000 people, autoresponders will ensure that you get these people engaged with the right message at the right moment.

Here you have the most effective 5 CRM productivity hacks which will help you in your everyday business activities. Keep these in mind, as it is a great guide for you to achieve CRM productivity improvement.






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