December 21, 2012

Our Favorite Articles This Week

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There’s been a lot of great writing recently on CRM, customer service, social tech, and all those other good things.  Here are some of the best we’ve read this week:

Leonard Kile at destinationCRM, “Customers Should Help Create Major Innovation”—86738.aspx

This was a great piece about how to engage with customers and why they are among the most valuable partners in innovation.  Our next blog post will touch on this theme, and Leonard’s post was a big source of inspiration.

Rami Khater at the Huffington Post, “Social Media Evolution, not Revolution”

Rami writes about the normalization of social media in journalism and the effect nationalist control of social media has on what we still think of the “social media revolution.”  It’s a prescient look at a lot of different influences on the marketplace of information and what it will become.

Brent Leary, “Enter Sandman: the Bullpen Cometh”

This was an exciting post from industry thought leader Brent Leary about a research group he and three other CRM luminaries (Paul Greenberg, Denis Pombriant, and Esteban Kolsky) are forming.  We can’t wait to see what insights will come from this collaboration!

Kelly Liyakasa at destinationCRM, “Badgeville CEO Chris Duggan’s 2013 Gamification Predictions”

Kelly interviews the CEO of Badgeville, a gamification platform provider. We’re fascinated with the idea of gamification (the practice of incorporating game elements into other areas of life to encourage certain behaviors, like repetitive work tasks), so this discussion with a major player in the field was extremely interesting.

Denis Pombriant at SearchCRM, “Social media set the stage for improving customer experience”

Customer service is the new norm, and social media has a lot of opportunity to improve customer service drastically.  It has even greater potential pitfalls.  Denis Pombriant applies his usual incisive analysis to warn us that a bare-bones approach of simply answering questions is no longer enough.

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