December 11, 2012

Karma2 Updates: Getting Close

BY John Paul Narowski IN karmaCRM News and Updates 10 Comments

Time to get excited!

While our blog and Twitter feed might have been quiet over the past few months, we can assure you our development team has been anything but. We’ve been hard at work on karma2 over the past and are getting very close to its completion. We’re all excited about where it’s going, and can’t wait to unveil all the wonderful new features your business will benefit from!  What we need now is your feedback and input to ensure we got it all right.

We’re all familiar with that highly anticipated version 2 launch that changes everything you love and ruins your experience. We’re determined to avoid that with karma2.

  • Same Ol’, Same Ol’. We’ve kept the interface you know and love. We’re adding new features without losing the ones you’re already using.
  • Keeping karma1 online. Making full-scale system transitions can be a major pain point for businesses.  That’s why we’ll be keeping karma1 online for a while after the official launch in Q1 2013.  That way, if we got something wrong, we can fix it while you keep your account on karma1.  Crisis averted!
  • We’re listening intently! We need your help to ensure we got everything right. Please take some time to explore karma2 (use login and password nonadmin) and verify that the features you love are still present and working properly.

What’s new to karma2?

Task and Event Participants

You can now add multiple users, contacts, companies, and so on to tasks and events. If you add multiple users, each will receive notification reminders via email.





Completely Revised Task System

We aim for simplicity.  But sometimes that can go too far.  Our old task system was too simple for many of our customers’ needs, so we decided to give it a lot more power. If you want to keep using tasks as you did before, no big deal, but we’ve added task lists, additional filters, and sorting to beef up your project management.




Customizable Slideout Side Menu

We’ve revised the “See More” menu so now it slides out from the right and will take full advantage of modern wider screen monitors. You can customize the widgets so you always see what’s important to you, no matter where you are in the system.


This is what it looks like once it’s expanded (to customize, click “Settings”):


File Folders

The files section can now have folders so you can better organize the files you’ve uploaded.


Much, Much More

These are just some of the features we’ve added but we’ll save the exhaustive list for our official press release. We very much appreciate all of your support and patience to get us here, and are very excited for karma2 in 2013.

What’s still under development

Aside from a lot of general polish and backporting of minor features from karma1, here are a few things our team is still burning the midnight oil on:

  • Sending Email – The ability to send email from within karma2 isn’t there yet, but should be added in December along with email templates.
  • Reporting – We’re putting the finishing touches on the reporting in karma2 and that should also be present soon. We’re making every report exportable and adding more customization to many of the reports.
  • Task Templates – Create standard task templates to save time with repeated/similar tasks.

How can I take it for a spin?

We’d love for you check out what we have so far. Send us an email to requesting an invitation to our demo system and we’ll get you set up. The more feedback you can provide, the more confident we’ll all be that we got it right.

We are currently seeking beta testers to help us get karma2 ready for launch. Be the first to enjoy the awesome new features we’re working on.  Email for more information, or wait for our next blog post (coming soon!).

When can I move my account over?

We’re already using karma2 ourselves and have moved over a number of willing customers as well. We ask that you take karma2 for a spin first before making the decision, but we’d be happy to move your account over sooner if you’re ready. You’d be a good fit for this transition period if you don’t make heavy use of deals or reporting and primarily focus on contact management.

When is the official launch date?

We’re shooting for sometime in Q1 of 2013 for launch. This means that all accounts will migrated over from karma1 to karma2 by then, and all the features in karma2 will be fully vetted and operational.

I’ve been hacking at various business ideas since I was 16. I’m a full stack developer and love crafting user experiences. I’ve been nose deep in code since I put the legos down, and built several successful businesses in the process. I’ve lost some hair, gained some experience and throughly enjoyed the journey.
  • I am excited! I’m glad you guys are improving and can’t wait to see my shiny (although late) Christmas present from you.

    • ridley

      Glad you’re excited!

  • Would a sales lead pipeline graphic be useful, or is that too much like Zoho/Sugar/Salesforce etc…?

    I would kind of like one, but what do the rest of you think?


    • ridley

      That’s a good idea–visualizations are always helpful.

  • Like the new features and maintaining the integrity of the old. Especially like the slide out side menu, multiple people for event notification and folders in the files. Have always liked the inline editing in the spreadsheet view and most everything about Karma but mostly like the ability to add custom fields. Would like to be able to change the title of existing field names.

  • Like the advanced and/or advanced filtering!

  • ridley

    Yep, we’re really excited for the new features! Stay tuned for more.

  • I am excited to see all of the new features tomorrow!

  • Adam

    It would be really nice to be able to link Cases and Deals with Events and Tasks.

    • ridley

      Hi Adam,

      In karma2, you’ll be able to associate tasks with cases and deals, just as you would with contacts. The current setup for events is a bit different, however: when you change the status of a deal, that change is timestamped as an “important date” for that deal, and is displayed on its page. As for creating regular events for cases and deals, it’s an interesting idea, and one we might consider developing. Thanks so much! Please email if you have any more feature suggestions.


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