April 19, 2012

Looking Ahead: karmaCRM v2.0

BY John Paul Narowski IN karmaCRM News and Updates 6 Comments

We’ve embarked on a journey to greatly enhance your experience by bringing you karmaCRM v2.0. Don’t worry: we’re keeping the look and feel of karmaCRM the same, so you won’t have to relearn the wheel. In fact, here at the KarmaCRM camp, we’re calling it “the unknown upgrade” because it’s a “huge gain, with no pain.” KarmaCRM v2.0 will simply be faster and more customizable. Once it’s ready, the transition will be seamless and done behind the scenes.

When will this happen?

If all goes well, we hope to have a beta version available for preview in 2-3 months. We will certainly keep you closely updated as progress is made and are excited to show you what our team has been working on in the super secret labs of karmaCRM.

What about Features, Suggestions and Issues?

Keep ’em coming! We’re not adding any new features to v1 (both web-app and mobile) but that doesn’t mean it won’t make it into karmaCRM 2.0. Since we’re so customer driven it does kill us to not be able to implement your feature requests as quickly as we’d like but we promise it will be worth it.

Features to look for

This isn’t an exhaustive list of what to expect in v2, but will help give you an idea of some of the key areas we’re focusing on. If you’d like to be part of the conversation about v2, please fill out our survey by clicking here.

Built for Speed

We’ll be rebuilding parts of the system from the ground up with emphasis on speed on the items you use the most such as list filtering and contact loading. Every second you spend waiting for content to load is time out of your day wasted.

Refined Permissions

You’ll be able to share your private records with one or more users and one or more groups as well. In addition you can determine if these shared records are “read only”, or if the shared users can also “update” the record.

Advanced Filtering

You will be able to include and build more robust filters in the list sections to ensure you’re finding exactly the records you need. An example of a query in the new system would be: Show me contacts in the stage “Processing” but not in the stage “Closed”, without the tag “Ann Arbor” with the tag “Michigan.”

More Customization

Sections will be able to be renamed, form fields will be able to be hidden and repositioned within the form (including custom fields), and more emphasis will be put on allowing you to speak the language of your business within karmaCRM.

Event and Task Participants

Many of you have asked to be able to add one or many contacts, users and companies to events and tasks. This is something we’re going to bake right into v2. This means that you’ll be able to remind everyone in your team (and contacts too) about group tasks or that upcoming meeting you’ve been preparing so hard for.

What We Need From You

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey, telling us what you love about karmaCRM and what you’d like to see changed. It’s a great time to reflect on your process and let us know where the bottlenecks are, so that our team can plug the holes while developing v2!

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