February 7, 2011

Do You Know Your Facebook Privacy Settings?

BY John Paul Narowski IN Sales and Marketing 0 Comment

Facebook Privacy SettingsI just got done reading a fascinating article on Mashable in regards to the top 10 Facebook privacy settings that everyone should know about. They went over some very important information and how messy these privacy settings get because Facebook does change their layout often.

Below are a few of these privacy settings that I find to be the most important. If you would like to read the entire list you can find it here “Facebook Privacy: 10 settings every user needs to know.”

Facebook Places:

What a great option to have on Facebook, that is, if you only friend your close family. This option allows your friends to tag your specific locations around the world. Again, this is great if you only have family members on your page and everyone likes to share where there family members are during different times of the day. On the flip side if you have a mixture of friends, people you have just met, and family letting people know your daily schedule and locations it can be unsetting as well as down right dangerous. If this is something that you don’t want to enable you can follow these settings to disable this function:

Account > Privacy Settings > Sharing on Facebook > Customize Settings > Friends can check me in to Places

Public Search:

Because Facebook’s information is indexed into the major search engines as well as it being its on search engine people are able to type in your information and pull up your profile. If you haven’t turned on some of your privacy settings for your page people searching for you will be able to see a preview of your public profile.

Many companies also use Social Media sites as a background check or to check in on their employees from time to time, so if there are items on your page that you don’t want to share with others make sure that your public search option is disabled. You can do this by following the settings below:

Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Public Search

Are you taking the time?

There are many more privacy settings on Facebook that you should be aware of so that your account is being displayed in the manner that fits you. It may take a little longer to setup and organize, but your privacy or lack of is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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