February 3, 2017

Announcing Browser Notifications

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Stop competing with your team’s busy email inbox and keep everyone in the loop with our new Browser Notifications feature. This has come from a few conversations with our users who often lose the battle for people’s attention throughout the day.

Enter the browser notification hero!

If you’re using either Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you should have seen a recent request to allow karmaCRM to send you browser notifications. As long as you accepted, you’re in.

What is a browser notification?
As long as you have karmaCRM open somewhere, a browser notification will show up in the top right hand side of your monitor (see above screenshot). This helps you keep track of things in karmaCRM even if you don’t have that tab open at the time.

What notifications are supported?
We support notifications for all of the following activities:

  • When a user is assigned
  • When a task or event is due
  • When a user is added to a note

We’re also working on mobile push notifications as well. Those are coming soon so stay tuned.

What do you think? How else can we help keep your team communicating and working together, we’d love to know.

PS: Notifications on events and tasks will only start working after today. These also only apply to non all-day events and tasks with a specific due at time.


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