June 17, 2010

5 of the Most Useful Tech Tools You’re Not Using

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Sometimes technology can be nothing more than the on-ramp to a freeway of annoyances in your life. We’ve all had that perfect nap on the couch ruined by the buzzing of a cell phone or the chime of an incoming email. Yet when focused properly, technology can be your best way to cut down on clutter, improve communication, and keep track of your seemingly crazy lifestyle.

Here are the five most useful technology-based tools out there. While some of you might have heard of or are even using these technologies currently, it is truly surprising how many busy professionals don’t even bother. Make technology your friend and use it to hack your way to a better – or at least more productive – life.

Video Chat

A lot of people have been exposed to video chat software or have heard of the industry leading software called Skype but even more have still not gotten on the bandwagon. I know it takes some time for you non-early adopters to get on board but the time and cost savings that communication through video online provides is well worth it.

Skype is by far and away the most popular program in the video chat arena. If you’re a Mac user then you need to start using some iChat. If Skype isn’t your cup of tea you can always try Tokbox.

Since all of this is done over the internet and are all voice-capable, imagine not having to worry about long distance bills anymore! Even if you’re not using video chat for business, you skypecould think about investing in a couple of capable computers for you and the family. There’s nothing like being able to actually see the look on your son’s face when he realizes you bought your grandson a drum set for Christmas.

Online Meeting Software

I am sure the creators of GoToMeeting and other online meeting software programs are on the airline industry’s hit list. This software has removed the need to travel across the country for a sales pitch as well as removes the sometimes difficult process of trying to hold a meeting over the phone.

Once logged into the meeting your attendees see what is on your screen so you’re sure everyone is literally on the same page. You can opt to have audio over the Internet connection or through a dedicated phone line, too.

Remote Desktop

If you work remotely or have people in the field constantly then you need to get hooked up with software like CrossLoop that allows you to easily remotely access their computer, transfer files and set things up correctly. If you have some tech challenged soldiers in your ranks this could be a life saver.

To Do Lists

41-Vo-cvlcL._SS500_Between your family, friends, work and a crippling addiction to ceramic Donald Duck figurines (or whatever) you have a lot on your plate. Make sure you don’t skip a beat by keeping it all organized with tech driven to do lists. Some of the best out there are Remember the Milk, Toodledo and TeuxDeux (clever name huh?). Most of these can be integrated with your email or phone so reminders are always right there.

CRM Software

If you’re serious about keeping your business life in order then you need to be using a quality customer relationship management software platform. The ability to keep contacts, notes and track of individual customers or deals is 100% necessary today. If you drop the ball and don’t ask for the reorder at the right time you can say, “Bye, bye” to that commission.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive CRM software system then you need to check out karmaCRM; it could really help to revolutionize the way you do business. Try it free – you might end up liking it.

I’ve been hacking at various business ideas since I was 16. I’m a full stack developer and love crafting user experiences. I’ve been nose deep in code since I put the legos down, and built several successful businesses in the process. I’ve lost some hair, gained some experience and throughly enjoyed the journey.

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