October 20, 2014

State of karmaCRM: October

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We’ve been quite busy in October, focused on overhauling our mobile presence. As mobile usage, phone screen sizes and time away from home increases, it’s increasingly important to have your business in your pocket.

Mobile Mobile Mobile

We plan on releasing two entirely new mobile apps for IOS and Android in November (replacing our existing IOS App). These new apps will be updated frequently, and we won’t stop until we’re able to offer your a streamlined experience for karmaCRM wherever you are.

These new apps include contacts, companies, notes, todos, deals and events. Once released, we’re going to be aggressively using the apps ourselves and gathering feedback on how we can improve.

New Outlook Plugin

We’re days away from releasing an Outlook plugin that should make it a breeze for you to sync your Outlook contacts, tasks and events with karmaCRM. Look for the official download in this months newsletter!


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