September 28, 2016

New Features and Updates: Scheduled Emails, URL Support for Custom Fields, and More

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New feature: Schedule emails

You asked, we listened! And we’ll keep on listening…

A few months ago, we sent a survey to all of our customers asking what they thought about karmaCRM and what we could do to make it better. We received a treasure trove of information, and, over the past several weeks, we’ve been hard at work putting that feedback into action.

We’re very excited to share the first round of new functionalities with you today.

Without further ado, here’s they are!

Print the calendar as a calendar

One of the bigger feature requests we is the ability to print out the calendar in calendar format.  Now you can do just that!

Schedule emails to send later

Drafting that perfect email at 3 am, but don’t want your prospects to know you’re neurotic? You can now use the “Send Later” feature to schedule your emails to go out at a more reasonable time.

This feature is available to customers on the per-user plan. (If you’re not on this plan, contact us so we can set you up with a demo.)

Have a clickable URL as a custom field

You can now insert a properly formatted URL within a custom text field, and it will automatically become clickable.

Export more task info to your CSV

When you create a task export or backup, you’ll now see completed_at and completion_notes included in the exported CSV.

Access MailChimp and email templates, even if you’re not an admin

In the past, only the admin who added the MailChimp integration could use it. Now, all users on an account will be able to see MailChimp information.

Similarly, all users can access and create email templates. If you’re a user, you’ll just see your own, but if you’re an admin, you’ll see all.

Wish your customers “Happy Birthday”

OK, so this one isn’t from the survey, but everyone likes to feel special on their birthday. Simply add the “Birthday” field to your contact form, and the system will even auto-calculate your contact’s age.

(This is just the “birthday” beginning. We have secret future plans to help make you the hero on your contacts’ birthdays. Stay tuned!)


Thanks to all of our customers who requested these improvements. We hope they will benefit all karmaCRM users.

We’re continuing to develop our software based on user feedback. Be sure to check back in a month for the next installment.

Not a karmaCRM user yet? Give it a test drive for free.

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