March 4, 2010

New Feature – Create Custom Fields for Contacts and Deals

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We have now added the ability for you to add custom fields to your contacts and deal forms. This allows you to customize your forms with fields that may be missing from the defaults you are presented with. Once you create these fields, they will appear at the bottom of your forms. You might want to add a heading at the top of your custom fields so you can denote where the custom fields begin.


Easy Field Sorting

Simply click and hold on the draggable icon to re-arrange the fields according to your taste. The contact or deal fields will appear in the form exactly as you arrange them here.

You can also sort select box and check box options by clicking and dragging the same icon. Anywhere you see this icon in Karma denotes the ability to sort that content.


Where do the values from these fields appear?


Please keep in mind that if your remove your custom field or option, you will also loose any data that is associated with that field. Our next post will outline the revised CSV import tool, and how you can add CSVs with any field you want. Enjoy and happy customizing.

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