August 25, 2010

New Feature – Better, Faster, Stronger Calendar

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We have been hard at work adding much needed features to the calendar. As this is one of the most frequently used features, we wanted to ensure that it can handle your various organizational needs. Click on the links below for more details.


Table of Contents

We added this TOC to help guide you through our new features.

Recurring Events

Now, you can add recurring events to your calendar! All of the standard formats are supported (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly). If your calendar is imported from Google, your recurring events will also be imported.

Events Spanning Multiple Days

Our Calendar now supports multi-day events. If you are on the Month view, your multi-day events will display as such.
Screen shot 2010-08-22 at 10.27.58 PM

View Your Tasks on the Calendar

The calendar now displays task due dates. Mark tasks as completed simply by checking the box next to the task description. If you do not wish to see tasks on your calendar, click “Tasks” in your calendar items to hide it.

Day and Week View

Now you can view events in the Day and Week view. You may also choose either of these views as the default in “My Account >> Calendar Settings”

Easily Share Your Calendars

Sharing Calendars with your entire organization has just become much simpler. Just click the menu of the calendar you want to share. Then click “calendar settings.” In settings, you will find the option Share This Calendar. Please keep in mind that, if your calendar is synced with a Google Calendar, it cannot be shared directly through KarmaCRM. If the above is the case, please access your calendar in Google and share it with the desired party. Once shared, you can have the user import the calendar using their Google Account.

ICal Feed for Outlook & Other ICal Friendly Software

Each calendar now comes with an ICal feed, allowing you to import your KarmaCRM calendar into Outlook or your preferred Ical friendly software of choice. You cannot apply changes to your events externally. However, everything you see in KarmaCRM will display. Please keep in mind that the URL you are provided with is private. Anyone you share the ICal feed with will be able to access your calendar, so share at your own discretion.
Screen shot 2010-08-22 at 11.17.58 PM

Customize the Calendar How You Want It

We now offer a number of options for those of you looking to customize your calendar display.


Default View
Allows you to select the default view after you click the Calendar tab.

Start of Week
Indicate the start of your work week.

Fullscreen Mode
Allows you to view your calendar in fullscreen mode. This is helpful if you have a lot on your calendar and would benefit from the extra space.

Show weekends
If your business does not operate on weekends, you might want to hide them from the calendar to save space. Simply uncheck this box and Saturday and Sunday will no longer show up on your calendar.

Drag and Drop Events to Reschedule

To reschedule events simply click and drag the event to the desired day. If you are in the week or day view you can also change the time if you please.

Better Integration with Google Calendar

We have refined the way KarmaCRM interacts with Google calender to bring you improved synchronization and more reliable data transfer. Now your recurring and all day events will be loaded properly. With this upgrade almost everything you do on Google calendar will be translated to Karma and vice versa. If you use Google Calendar as much as we do, this will be a noticeable improvement.

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