June 18, 2013

Introducing the Advanced Query Builder for karma2!

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At karma, we understand the power of data. It’s not enough just to have the information: you have to be able to get to it and act on it. And it’s not so much “sooner rather than later” as it is “right now or not at all”. That’s the reason why CRM is so important, especially as we deal with more and more information. Our customers love being able to filter their information quickly and easily, but sometimes they needed more.

We’re very excited to talk about one of the coolest new features to come out of the karma labs in a very long time.

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to see all the records except those assigned to a particular user? Or perhaps you have a few different tags, and you want to see all the records that have at least one of those tags? Or maybe you’re interested in all the records that have been updated within a certain date range.

Now you can do all that and more with the advanced query builder! Once it’s rolled out to production, you can find it by switching to “Advanced Filters” in the Contacts, Cases, Companies, or Deals section:


You’ll see that it’s laid out a bit differently from the standard (now called “Simple”) filters section. There aren’t any filters visible when you start–you first have to click Add a Filter. Click on the field you want to filter on. Here’s where the “advanced” part comes in: depending on what the filter is, you’ll have the option of specifying whether you want to see all results that contain the value, or all the results that exclude it. Then you can add additional values.


So if you want to see all the records assigned to three different users, you can do that. The simple filters all require all values to be present. The query builder will give you power, ease, and flexibility in getting to the information you want. We think this unique combination of power and flexibility sets us apart among small business-oriented CRMs. The date ranges are both absolute (e.g., “Since May 1”) and relative (“In the last month”).


In a similar fashion, we’ve added currency ranges, as well as the typical greater than, less than, and equal to operators. That way you can see, for example, all deals between $1000 and $10,000:


Something else that really set the query builder apart is the way the filters are saved. With the simple filters, once you click “Clear List”, all the filters go away. But that’s not always a good thing–you may have a list set up just so, and want to perform a temporary search on the master list. Locked filters give you this ability. Lock or unlock any filter with a single click; or lock/unlock all of them at once. The lock icon tells you which filters are locked at any given time.


You can also remove or drag and drop any filter in the list, whether locked or unlocked.

We’re really proud of the functionality the query builder offers, and we think you’ll like it too. Check out the video to see it in action!

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