June 28, 2016

How to Get Real Estate Leads on Facebook

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Facebook has become the most popular social network on the planet. It would be a mistake to ignore as a lead-generation source, but it’s easy to get lost or intimidated. This guide will help you focus on free tactics that are proven to work. Getting free leads on Facebook boils down to one thing: “Content Marketing.” There are a lot of strategies out there – you may have tried boosting posts, or getting friends and family to like your page.

I’ve got news for you: 50 likes from prospects is better than 2,000 likes from people who aren’t your targets.

Stop focusing on Likes

While these “likes” might boost your ego, they’re not helping you generate valuable leads. If you want to use tools that help analyze your Facebook page likes, you’re going to get people who aren’t in your target market, and not interested in buying or selling real estate.

Stop talking about yourself

No one wants to see 5 posts a day about your listings. Keep the chatter about yourself to a minimum, and limited to no more than once per day. Invest time and energy thinking about how you can add value. There is an exception to this, if you’re writing high quality (non promotional) content on your own blog and want to share it on Facebook (see below).

Stop boosting posts

This can be a useful tactic, but be careful to ensure you have the right strategy and a way to measure success. Many people use this tactic as a shotgun approach to get visits and likes. Chances are, if you’re not a Facebook marketer, you might want to save your money.

Instead, you could consider running some ads on Facebook that directly target the leads you’re interested in.

Start sharing relevant content and adding value

This is the key. Share good content 3-5 times a day. Add value with every post. Think about the things your leads are interested in / concerned with and post that type of content.

Content Sharing Ideas:

Neighborhood information – new developments, restaurants, etc. The more of an expert you are in the neighborhoods you service, the more help you can be to your clients.

Real estate how-tos – targeting the consumer. Give them lots of ideas and insight to make the process easier for them.

Reasons to buy, reasons to sell – plant the thought to create customers. Maybe someone isn’t considering buying or selling – but if they see a compelling reason, they might consider it.

Start blogging

By adding value on your blog, you can also share on your Facebook page and drive traffic back to your website. Ultimately driving traffic from Facebook to your blog is the entire goal of this post. Blogging is something to consider, and one that has come highly recommended by top real estate agents – but it’s not for everyone. You can still grow your Facebook page and build leads without blogging, but this allows you to share your own content on your page, driving traffic back to your own site (and email capture system).

So you’re adding value, posting solid content, and driving qualified traffic to your website. Now what?

Start capturing emails

Once you drive people back to your site, make sure you capture their email address. It just so happens to be the entire point of this operation, so don’t skip this part. Make sure you have email marketing software like Mailchimp or Autopilot set up and ready!

By the way, email marketing software will help you stay in touch with all these leads, without having to email each one individually. These platforms aren’t real estate-specific, but pretty affordable – and easy to use!

As a bonus, check out Sumome – they have some pretty (and effective) methods of email capture that install right on your site.

Other ways to get leads on Facebook

While we believe that effective content marketing is the best way to grow traffic and leads, there are a few other options, if you’re willing to shell out the dough.

Promote posts

Facebook’s Promoted posts are another successful way to drive relevant, interested traffic to your website from Facebook. Here’s a video on the strategy.

Join groups

Find Facebook groups on real estate in your area, and become a part of the community. By engaging and adding value there, too, you could come out with some leads or partnerships with other agents.


Use this content marketing strategy on Facebook to drive traffic to your website and capture their email address. Being successful at this tactic boils down to adding value and genuinely caring about your prospects. The more helpful you are, the more people will be drawn to this content.

How do you get leads on Facebook? Is Facebook even a viable source for you, or do you have an alternative source to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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