August 27, 2013

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Record Templates

Record templates help you to both streamline and standardize the process of creating multiple, repetitive records.  They allow you to create baseline templates for common Tasks, Cases, Deals, etc., that you find yourself creating over and over again.

You are able to pre-set your record templates beforehand, which will help you speed up your record creation process.  This means you can get more done in less time.  Using a template for an “Open”, “Urgent”, and “Bug” case, for instance, helps you keep the record standardized, no matter who uses it.   This is important so that your data can remain consistent.

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Email Templates

If you find yourself sending the same email over and over again, using email templates can help you shave precious minutes off your day. Our email templates can include attachments, custom fields, and even be sent in bulk!

This give you the freedom connect with even more customers in less time, which gives you more time to focus on them.  Why spend time doing a whole bunch of typing when a template can give you the same, if not better, results?

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