karmaCRM Beta Program

With karmaCRM’s beta program, you’ll get access to powerful new features before everyone else. You’ll have a voice in how we craft the product and input on future changes. This is also an opportunity to get access to special upgrade pricing if you join our beta program from a legacy plan.

You qualify for special upgrade pricing if you have one of the following plans:

  • Solo
  • Individual
  • Basic
  • Basic Small Teams
  • Professional (not per user)
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

About the program

How much time is required?

Not much. When a new feature is released, we will ask for about 15 minutes of your time to review the proposed changes. And, of course, you’ll have time to evaluate features as they are rolled out at your discretion.

What is required of me?

We’ll primarily be working with you on two things:
Getting your feedback on feature design and proposed changes.
Testing new features before they’re officially released.
Features might range from tweaks to the existing layout and functionality, to whole new sections in the app. We’ll email you in advance with what to expect.

Are there any restrictions?

If you are a legacy plan, then you will not be able to test any of the new features. If you’re on a legacy plan or unsure if you are on a plan that will work with the beta versions, and are interested in beta testing, we have special upgrade pricing just for you. Email suport@karmacrm.com and we will let you know what plan you are and the new pricing.

What happens to my existing account?

Your account stays the same. We’ll keep your current data safe and the karmaCRM you know and love will remain the same. You’ll simply see new features appear in certain parts of the app.

How do I join?

Send an email to support@karmacrm.com to let us know you’d like to be a part of the beta program. You’ll need permission from your account owner, as the whole account will become a beta account.

Why have a beta?

We want to make sure we build features that work for you. Our wonderful customers have time and time again provided invaluable feedback (and we can’t thank you enough for it!). This program is designed to further honor this relationship and give you a real voice in our product development.

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