A Personalized CRM Designed For You.

karmaCRM is the fully customizable solution for building better customer relationships through clarity and efficiency

Personalized for You

Personalized for You

A user experience that is custom-tailored to your daily workflows and needs. Personalize your windows, screens, tabs, labels, fields, and even your background colors.
Better Relationships

Better Relationships

Streamline your daily activities and free up time to build better customer relationships. Stay close to your customers and be more proactive and responsive.
Beautiful Efficiency

Beautiful Efficiency

Increase your efficiency and optimize your workflows with convenient productivity tools. Manage all of your tasks, contacts, and customers with ease.
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What Would You Do With 40% More Time?

FACT: The average karmaCRM customer achieves 40% greater efficiency1.

Boosting your efficiency by 40% allows you to get more things done and leaves you with more time to interact with customers, build relationships, close more deals, and grow your business. Or maybe you’d prefer to invest that extra time on strategic planning, new product development, or achieving a greater work/life balance. Whatever you do with your additional time, karmaCRM is here to help you have more of it available!

1 February 2015 survey of karmaCRM customers. Some customers reported efficiency improvements of as high as 75%!

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