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Learn how to reach out to event planners and committee decision makers at the right moment, track your gig pipeline, and sell yourself smarter.

Closing gigs isn't just about having the right content or talking to the right person. It's about using a proven, repeatable process for landing speaking engagements.

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The Professional Speaker's Sales Blueprint

Learn how to land more gigs in less time with a simple, scalable sales process.

karmaSpeaker is the only CRM built just for professional speakers. With this industry-leading software, you can manage prospects and potential gigs with ease, and simply copy proven templates and task lists to make your pre-gig life much, much easier.

As a speaker, you don't need things like "collaborative deal quantity forecasting." You need a simple tool that just...works.

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Here's the complete chapter list of this eBook.

How to Use a CRM


Building an Outreach System


How to Prioritize Task Lists


Getting it Done with Reminders


Tending to Relationships


How to Add Value to Relationships


The Art of Following Up


How to Automate Outreach


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Shep Hyken


“I’ve been saying for years that the job isn’t doing the speech, it’s getting the speech."

Jesse Todtfeld

Success in Media, CSP

“If you don't have a CRM, you're losing money every single day."

Professional Speaker's Sales Blueprint - karmSpeaker

David Avrin, CSP

CSP, 5-year karmaCRM user

“Consistent, outbound sales and marketing using karmaSpeaker CRM is the key to our team’s success.  As a speaker pioneer with karmaSpeaker CRM, we’ve increased our pitches 10-fold as our bookings and revenue have more than tripled!”