February 20, 2018

“It’s So Comforting to Know That karmaSpeaker is There”: How Pro Speaker Jeff Bush Cut Through the Noise and Grew His Business by 20%

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Jeff Bush has built his speaking career on his ability to cut through the noise. He’s known for helping executives understand the often confusing financial ramifications of political changes. What’s more, he helps his audience in diverse industries — from retail to food manufacturing — anticipate the changes that are coming around the bend. He arms his audiences with the knowledge they need to make the smart, adaptive financial decisions that keep businesses thriving.

But, when his professional speaking business was just starting out, Bush was having trouble cutting through the noise of his own inbox. He was so in demand as a speaker that his go-to method of gig management just wasn’t able to keep up. He knew that messages were going unanswered, that some of his prospective clients weren’t being properly nurtured, and that he lacked a long-term cultivation tool to build up his speaking business the way he wanted to.

“I didn’t have a good system for following up,” says Bush. “My only system was keeping emails in my inbox and then making sure I periodically followed up with them.”

By adopting karmaSpeaker, Bush increased his business by 20%, boosted his email response rate, and saved thousands on marketing.

Here’s how.

Customizable workflows and adaptable action items created a powerful follow-up system.

Like most professional speakers, Bush needed a contact management solution that was built for speakers and also worked with his own idiosyncratic workflow.

Bush came across karmaSpeaker when a fellow speaker recommended it at a conference. “Here’s a firm that seems to understand speakers,” he said. “It made all the sense in the world for me to adopt karma’s CRM.”

karmaSpeaker came locked and loaded with powerful speaker-specific features but was also flexible enough to adapt to the way Bush worked. “What I’ve been most impressed by with karmaSpeaker is that, on top of being built for professional speakers, it’s incredibly easy to customize. The karmaSpeaker team is willing not just to listen but to implement my suggestions.”

Airtight follow-up systems generated more speaking engagements.

Every speaker knows that when you don’t follow up with leads, you’re leaving opportunities and money on the table. Bush kicks himself for all the gigs he lost before he started using karmaSpeaker: “Quite honestly, I was missing out on at least 20 events a year because I wasn’t able to follow up properly.”

But now he’s making up for lost time. “Implementing karmaSpeaker has boosted my business by 15% to 20% with its airtight contact tracking system and follow-up reminders.”

Well-timed, template-based email campaigns boosted response rates to 60%.

Bush has also benefited from karmaSpeaker’s research-based email templates, which are optimized to improve engagement rates. “I started getting a 60% open rate on my email — from stone-cold outreach. I was thrilled — I’m a data guy, of course, and those were numbers that I really loved to see.”

And his leads were responding, too. “I have ten potential engagements in my pipeline because of karma’s email templates. They work incredibly well. And, say half of them will close — a pretty modest estimate — that revenue pays for my assistant for the entire year.”

karmaSpeaker demonstrated ROI within the first month.

karmaSpeaker is the kind of simple but powerful solution that comes with a modest price tag. Bush had invested in a branding professional to boost his profile and hadn’t seen much in the way of results. “I was spending $2000 per month and I didn’t get a single event. Not one. I spend a fraction of that with karmaSpeaker, and I got events on the calendar in the first 30 days of using it.”

Bush says, “This CRM is like my better half — reminding me to follow up, send emails to important contacts, and do all the things I used to keep in my head. It’s so comforting to know that karmaSpeaker is there.”

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